Coonoor Sim's Park near Ooty


This botanical playground is established in the season 1874 , this playground is situated in an place of 12.14 Hq. This park is having more than 1000 types of 255 generas owed to 85 families widely protecting different group of plants.


This Park has lead by the release of many unusual types owed to Eucalyptus, Acacia, Pinus, and Cinnamomum etc.There are amazing veranda with vibrant flower beds, grass and rockeries inside this playground.



Most of the plants here are exotic and introduced from almost all the countries. There are unusual economic plants like Rudraksh ( pill shrub ), Cinnamomum etc and elegant plants like Araucaria, Quercus, Arizona, Magnolia, Maple, Turpentine, Tree ferns, Camellia etc.