Dolphin's Nose Ooty


Dolphin's Nose place is at 10 km from Coonoor with an excellent around. The Nose place is a unique stone of amazing ratios huge of the face of the hillside in development in which its name indicates.


It offers an amazing vision of the nearby places cover of conceited mountains, twisting sources, and wide-ranging tea backyards. On a clear bright day, you can clearly view the Catherine drops from Dolphin's Nasal place.



This popular perspective factor in Coonoor produced its name from the fact that the optimum appears like a nose of a dolphin from one part. An irregular curve rounds to the hill part which companions to a factor where a sleek stone tasks over a awful chasm of 6600 feet deep.


This is Dolphin’s nose. On the way, On the way, beautiful views of plains and steep rocky escarpments called rolling hills can be seen. The old village of Vellagavi can be reached through the rough bridle path.