Ooty tour packes from Trichy

Trichy is a place of myriad worship centers that stand still till date unhinged. The myth and legends surrounding these worship centers about the deities they home, how they came into existence, the rulers of then, the builders of these religious centers so on and so forth take you through a time travel once you visit the myriad worship locations and wonder about the architecture style, the mannerism with which their interiors are decorated and the complete outward appearance that lure pilgrims from different corners of the country.

Heading from Trichy to Ooty, a place of adventure travel, romantic beauty and natural ambience is like enjoying a religious trip that starts from the home of gods and takes you to a place that’s filled with their creations. Ooty has a bounty of natural attractions that’s clearly Gods own creation well maintained by man. A trip from Trichy to Ooty is a package with unique travel experience guaranteed.
Time & Travel

It is a one day road trip from Trichy to Ooty. The travel time from Trichy to Ooty is approximately five and half hour. The road distance is approximately 280 kilometers. The aerial distance from Trichy to Ooty is approximately 230 kilometer.


Places of attraction in Trichy

Trichy is home to several worship places. This religious destination has attracted not just believers but even celebrities to visit the temples it houses and offer their prayers. Trichy has a certain amount of mysticism about the way the temples were built and how they have stood the ravages of time till date. Some of the prominent worship places to visit in Trichy are:

  • Take a tour of the countryside- Sittanavasal. Located at a distance of 58 kilometer, tis village houses a Jain cave temple remains from 2nd century B.C. The Fresco paintings on the walls of the cave make for an interesting watch. The site offers views of several burial sites in the region as well as relics that were unearthed from the region like urns, cists and Kuranguputarai.
  • Kudumiyanmalai is another destination that is apt for those on pilgrimage and likings for traditional architect. Dedicated to God Shiva the temple has a legendary story that a lock of hair was found on the idol hence the deity was named Kuduminathar. The temple also attracts visitor for the interesting inscriptions and sculptures.
  • Mukkombu is an ideal picnic spot for family or friends get together. Mukkombu lies across the Kollidam dam, about 658 meter long and splits into three sections because of the shape of the island. Mukkombu is a must visit place and a prime tourist attraction spot in Trichy.
  • Kallani- grand Anaicut is an ancient dam of Tamilnadu. 329 meters long it is made of unhewn stone and stands across river Cauvery. The surrounding region of the dam is another ideal picnic spot that’s apt for family and friends get together.
  • Situated at an eight kilometer distance Vayaloor is known for Lord Murugan temple. Its positioning amidst green vegetation makes it a holistic spot that offers tranquility and peace of mind.
  • Puliancholai is 72 kilometer away from Trichy, a place of scenic beauty. The fall is a five hour hard trek and attracts tourists for its age old rock structures, dolmens and caves. A picturesque picnic spot Puliancholai is an attractive tourist spot in Trichy.
  • Pachamalai is a plush green hill range which is ideal for trekking and nature enthusiasts. You can enjoy watching the little streams, animals and beautiful waterfalls.
  • Gangaikonda Chollapuram is known for the Brahdeeshwarar temple that was constructed by Chola King Rajendra-1. The huge Nandi here makes for a major attraction along with a dancing Ganesha, lion head well and a stunning fresco of King Rajendra being crowned by Siva and Parvathy.
  • Government Museum at Thirukokarnam houses rare collections of geology, zoology, paintings, anthropology, epigraphy, historical records, bronze sculptures and other attractive items.
  • The rock cut cave temple of Sri Kokarneswarar Brahadambal at Thirukokarnam belongs to the Pallava period and is another added attraction in Trichy


Trichy being pilgrims abode houses other famous temples that attract pilgrims on a religious tour to visit the famous Viralimalai Murugan Temple, Mariamman temple at Samayapuram, Elakurichi Church- Veeramamunivar, Ancient Athmanatha temple, church at Avur so on and so forth.

Places to visit in Ooty

The queen of hill stations offers not just picturesque views but several places of interest that appeal to the tourists who come to visit Ooty from across the globe.

  • Ooty botanical gardens offers you a long walk to watch and relish the myriad plants varieties it houses along with the tree that has served as a backdrop for several Indian movie song sequence.
  • Created by John Sullivan, OotyLake is an artificial lake that was formed by mountain streams flowing down the Ooty valley.
  • The highest vantage point in Ooty, Doddabetta peak is the highest peak in South India and offers a picturesque sight of beautiful valley, plains and more.
  • Spread across ten acres of land, Rose garden is a beautiful place to watch the pretty red roses raised on terraces and attracting attention of its onlookers.
  • The PykaraLake is a placid lake located between the lush green valleys of Ooty. The lake region is known for its picturesque dam area ideal for family picnics and friends get together, houseboat rides and the beautiful Pykara falls.
  • Nilgiri mountain railway, Ooty is a vintage charm. The Nilgiris toy train connectsOoty to Mettupalayam at the foot of the Nilgiris.
  • Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary is an ideal place for an adventurer. This Tiger reserve comprises of grassland and valley and offers Jeep Safari. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of Tiger but elephants, Deer’s and other animals are dominate residents of the reserve other than Tiger.
  • Sims Park Ooty has nearly 1000 species of plants. Spread across 12 hectares the park is located at the Northern side of Coonor railway station.
  • Dolphin’s Nose is a huge rock that appears as a nose of a Dolphin. Besides the Dolphin nose there is a ravine, St Catherine’s fall and Coonor stream meeting the Kotagiri stream.


Ooty has so many places of attraction that a day or two will be less to explore its massive attractions like Thread garden, Government museum, Lambs rock, Avalanche, Sixth mile, Ninth mile, Kamraj sager lake, Raj Bhawan, Emerald Lake, Tiger Hill so on and so forth.


Trichy and Ooty experience

Trichy attracts tourists mainly for a pilgrim’s tour and Ooty is a place that’s ideal for any traveler to retreat to after a pilgrimage. Trichys quaint charm and the mysticism of the temple create a holistic ambience. The presence of most of the temples and the manner in which they are built, the ancient temples and the ancient history surrounding these worship places lure believers from different regions of India. From a pilgrimage to a romantic break at Ooty, the Ooty tour package from Trichy is certainly a unique one and definitely a must try.